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Perfect for stimulating enhanced flowering, offers 20, life hours and 88, Lumens.

Although these lamps are produced to an extremely high standard, the performance will drop off over time. We recommend you replace lamps every months to avoid diminishing harvests.

Lamp size and output watt – 88, Lumens E40 Screw in Fitting Please keep the retail packaging in case you need to return it to us. Bulbs sent without the original packaging are not covered by warrant These light must be used with a ballast. Gli elementi che lo componen sono i seguenti: Sin duda, una delle migliori opzioni sul mercato.

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Riflettore stuko, con una texture speciale per favorire la diffusione della luce. L’alimentatore xecreta di questo kit illuminazione indoor garantisce la protezione di sicurezza termica che ferma l’erogazione di corrente per sovraccarichi, corto circuiti e surriscaldamenti.

Il cliente a pieno spettro sceglie liberamente dopo la fase di crescita delle piante, facile da usare. Area di crescita perfetta 3×3″ 91x91cm a 24″ 61cm di altezza copertura massima 4×4 ‘ xcm.

Lumii black le meilleur prix dans Amazon

Benvenuti nella nuova generazione di Niello “Dimmable Optical Lens Series” W a 2 stadi a spettro pieno spettro luminoso, ottica di lente di design, rivestito di istora riscaldato lavello, ideale per tutti i tipi di piante da piante, verdure e fiori in tutte le fasi di crescita. Disegno ottico delle lenti: Confronto con altre serie W: Due interruttori per il rapporto di luce: Questo prodotto include l’accenditore ed il condensatore di rifasamento allo scopo di equilibrare gli sbalzi di tensione, ridurre i consumi e di conseguenza prolungare la durata delle lampadine.

Si collega facilmente alla rete elettrica attraverso morsetti a vite inclusi.

E’ dotato di protezione termica che blocca il passaggio della corrente in caso di sovraccarico, cortocircuito, funzionamento anomalo, effetto raddrizzante, ecc.


La protezione termica permette di coltivare in condizioni istoriw sicurezza ed allunga la vita della lampada e del sistema. Consulta le nostre guide sulla coltivazione indoor. Adatto a qualsiasi tipo di piante tra cui Classiche e Autofiorenti – Ciclo Completo: Germinazione, Crescita e Fioritura! Il Kit Agro Box w Comprende: High quality and very affordable, it’s x and packs a massive punch. Firing out a steady light output of w and dimmable to w for when them temps are too much to handle, it even has a boost function when you want to give your plants that little bit extra lighting power.

This is a great ballast, that’s solid and at a great price, you wont be disappointed. This software controlled, variable output ballast has been specially designed to give the most selective growers the ultimate versatility and performance from a single lighting system. This super cool, super-efficient, fully adjustable digital ballast will run W super lumen w, w and w settings and features “Super Lumen Technology” that increases the ballasts output for maximum lamp performance, giving you Monster Yields!

Reduce the output of your lamp when not so much power is needed. For example, running the w lamp you secretq reduce the output to w, w or boost it to Super Lumen w. Boost the output of your istorla using “Super Lumen” feature. This technology is micro-processor controlled and works at higher frequency hertz than the standard magnetic ballast meaning more light gets to your plants. It is also more efficient meaning more output per watt of energy consumed. Better power management means more light to the plant and less energy consumed.

The quality of the light produced is also a lot more stable and the lamp is very quick to ignite, using less power at the ignition stage and giving your plants a full spectrum light source within 5 minutes. Less heat means more efficient use of power and better environmental control. The watt magnetic ballast is a trusted favourite for many growers simply because they have no complicated circuitry inside and very rarely fail, it delivers w of pure power to your lamp at a constant, just connect it together and you’re good to go!


The well vented metal-case ensures the ballast runs cool and quiet and features wall-hanging brackets making them fully wall-mountable, thus making more space in your grow room.

Our Lamps have a very high lumen output and are very durable lamp. Our Lamps can be used for both Vegetation and Flowering Stage!

Sodium HPS offers exceptionally high output. Couple this with raised spectral discharge in the reds and blues exactly the right spectral energy distribution curves that your plants need to thrive and a long lamp life, and you have the perfect plant grow light. lhmii

istoria secreta a lumii-jonathan black

This lamp also has 32, life hours and colour temperature of K. CE marked and RoHs compliant. Fast start up – it reaches full brightness in istotia one minute,Completely silent,Manufactured with cut-off circuitry – meaning that they cut off when a short is detected for ultimate safety,Can light both HPS High Pressure Sodium and MH metal halide bulbs super lumen switch cannot be engaged on metal halide bulbs ,Small compact design Lumatek digital ballasts get an upgrade with their new dimmable ballasts to allow greater flexibility in your growing area while reducing the cost of buying multiple ballasts.

Ideal for when you want to avoid the heat of the summer months, if you need a boost for flowering or you want to establish young plants, these Lumateks are excellent value at less than the price of two compact ballasts with all the benefits of digital electronic ballasts. We recommend only using specific lamps for specific settings – if, for example, you want to use the ballast at W then use a W lamp rather than turning down a W lamp, otherwise you will lose efficiency.

The Secrea Digital Dimmable ballast features the same technology as the standard Lumatek electronic ballast including soft start technology and a five year guarantee, these ballasts are highly recommended.