Find great deals for ILFORD EM10 Darkroom Printing Exposure Monitor Boxed. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Feb 13, I have pm’d you Tony. Very kind offer much appreciated. By the by, do you recommend any other metering assistance for determining exposure. Jun 19, Ilford EM10 Exposure Meter. Anyone have any experience using this meter. On a whim I bought one off of ebay for $20 delivered. It arrived.

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Half stop adjustments are too big for it. Process the print in fresh chemicals, following the manufacturers recommendations. Adjust the enlarger lens aperture ilflrd the green light is lit. Note the calibration knob setting.

Ilford EM10 Exposure Monitor B&H Photo Video

Then all of a sudden there has been a spate of “new EM10s”. Years ago when I was working with a dichroic enlarger I discovered the joys of the EM, and I haven’t been without one since. Last edited by Argentum; 15th February at Rated 5 out of 5 by Vladimir Piskunov from Compact and useful.

Note ioford correct exposure time and the calibration number.

Is there someone that could kindly explain me how? For slide printing, the sensitive cell should be in a highlight area which just holds detail. Like all good gadgets, this one has LEDs–two red and one green.

If you provide more exposure, you are simply overexposing the paper. When you expose film on a camera, there is a proper exposure for a given speed of film.


When calibrating the monitor, judge ipford the density of the print; ignore colour balance. So being able to replicate a single brightness using an em10 is of no value.

With the slide or negative and recommended filtration in the enlarger, adjust the enlarger height to obtain ilcord 20x25cm 8X10 inch image on the baseboard.

I’d always been told shadows are NOT the preferred target, because after a point, black is black, and it is very easy to have a wide range of exposures deliver maximum black – ie anything beyond a certain threshold will still deliver DMax in a ek10 area, but the lowest possible em110 to deliver DMax may render an area you want middle gray somewhere between Zone V and Zone VII.

That long of an exposure is necessary to deal with the quartz-halogen bulb’s filament as it warms up to its full brightness and as it cools down to its off setting. If one of the exposure times has not produced a correct density print, repeat steps 6 and 7 using different exposure times ilfordd the correct density is obtained. You might be wondering about my setting for D-MAX.

With EM10 I can save paper, chemistry and my time. At least, I can’t remember the last time I put in a new one. You have to switch off the safelight as that will effect the reading and invariably you end up with a partial-stop value and if your lens has click-stops you may not be able to select a value close to the clicks.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. A step tablet can be a great help with an EM It’s cheap, compact, easy in use and lets you to get a great prints. Be the first to review this item.


EM10 Exposure monitor instruction

This page last modified: Not only can you use the meter to zero in on the correct density setting for an unknown negative, you can also use it to allow you to change magnifications and still produce prints that exactly match in iltord. Then, place ilfordd sensor in an area that you want to program.

If you provide more or less exposure, you might or might not get an acceptable image. Log in or register to post comments. Works both as an enlarging timer and for darkroom processing. The warm up and cool down of the lamp is not replicated by giving one 8 second exposure and that makes a very noticeable difference in the print. A four digit LED display gives a stabilised reading after 15 seconds em100 of the probe in whatever processsing solution is to be monitored. Being able to reproduce the same brightness regardless of print crop or enlargement is what the EM10 is all about.

Switch on ilfodd monitor and adjust the enlarger lens aperture until the green LED is lit. Morgan who offered kind and sage advice concerning my ongoing printing issues.