I’m considering getting the books. I heard good things about them but wanted to know if any of you have used them and what your thoughts are. Guthrie Govan. · Rating details · 46 ratings · 3 reviews. Creative Guitar 2 studies in depth the various techniques used by todays guitar stars in their playing. Hey guys, i’ve started working from Guthrie Govan’s book ‘Creative Guitar 2 – Advanced Techniques’ with my students. The explanation of the.

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Anybody had any experience with these books?

He taught for quite a while so I would imagine they will be quite good. I got the volume 2.

I have to say that it s a vey good book with a good CD gova I m a little bit disappointed by the excersises I found in: The reason I say this is because 1. However, I think Guthrie has a very logical and pragmatic approach to learning and playing guitar.


Guthrie Govan – Creative Guitar

His inclusion of some excellent albeit a bit too short for my tastes! Gogan packages are excellent and well-worth the short-money in my opinion!

Plus, each of those backing tracks the naked tracks, NOT the ones Guthrie jams over which are only a minute-or-so long! Again this is just my opinion about a good supplement to these two awesome books. I think this written words by Guthrie explaining the different techiques is the BEST giutar came across all over the years!!!

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Guthrie Govan: Creative Guitar | Infinite Guitar

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