David Andrew Gemmell was a British author of heroic fantasy, best known for his debut novel, Legend. A former journalist and. Buy The Sword in the Storm (Rigante) Reissue by David Gemmell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Just wondering if anyone can help me i just finished reading my first David Gemmell book (Sword in the Storm), i enjoyed it so much i read the.

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Normally his first book is an intro the world and then the history is sometimes explained rather than explored in the sequels. This was my second attempt to read this book which has been languishing on a shelf for years sorry Netty and Brian! The Rigante 4 books. At what point do you condemn a hero? Legend is the Alamo spirit – or what should have been that spirit. First there is Gemmell’s way of writing in a simple no-nonsense way which holds your attention completely.

Unlike most in the heroic fantasy sub-genre, this book is set at the end of the Bronze age, and the beginning of the Iron Age. He’ll give in to red fury and slaughter whole villages.

The Rigante Series

He’s old, tired, and grumpy. Except this time, I don’t believe him. As a younger riganet, these are the characters I would want; dramatic good vs evil, and a hero to idolise. You find yourself really caring about them, their fears, hopes and dreams become truly important to you.

He cheats on his wife. If i could re-live but one day in my life, it would be the day that I read of our dear Conn, going off the rails and killing I am the night. While legend finished in one volume, the story in this continues onward in further volumes. Eight hundred years have passed since King Connavar of the Rigante and his bastard son, Bane, defeated the invading army of Stone. I loved this book maybe not as much as Legend but quite a lot still. Leaving the ending of the novel open, he planned to let the fortress stand or fall dependent upon his own prognosis.


Anyways, I’m getting wordy. Second there is how much you care about the characters. Gemmell first attempted writing a novel in the s, but The Man from Miami failed to find a publisher. It’s difficult to say what overall purpose they serve.

Conn is not a bad man, and he really isn’t an anti-hero per se, he is however a man that knows his own faults. Most books don’t get you so involved with the players. This time though I managed to get to the end. It follows us like a dark shadow.

Conor Time for beer Jun 28, Hey Waldo, glad to hear you enjoyed Sword in ddavid Storm so much. But the problem is All you know is a war is coming and only one person thinks to prepare.

I finished this book non-audio, actually using my eyes in roughly days. I think it boils down to the fact that it just isn’t my kind of story. There’s plenty more story available, but it wasn’t a cliff hanger. Simple Simon Who ate all the pie? Facing impossible odds, he refuses to give in, and that strength aids the many around him until they triumph. The writing is good but very simple, there wasn’t gemnell lot of complexity to the technical gemmell of the writing but the story was still well thought out and fully developed.

One will become the Ravenheart, an outlaw leader whose daring exploits will inspire the Rigante. Stay in Touch Sign up. Arian’s one trait is promiscuity, which only exists so Connavar can inexplicably be faithless at the eleventh hour.


Jan 08, Steve Haywood rated it really liked it Shelves: Do i need to read the Drenai saga to read this?

Sep 25, Search rated it it was amazing Shelves: Connavar, the MC, is an interesting character. They crush their victims with ease, until only a few thousand men stand before them, with no help in sight. The youngest author to be nominated for this award was year-old Liam Gillen.

I really enjoyed pretty much everything about this book. Quotes from Sword in the Storm. Does that make sense? Even if he only skims over a character for a few chapters, you are left with the sense of actually “knowing” who that person was, and feeling glad for it somehow. Here the strongest forces, wise and evil, play their allotted part — from the Ghost General and the Malignant Morrigu to the woods whose magic harks back to a world before the coming of man.

Sword in the Storm (The Rigante, #1) by David Gemmell

It was accepted in and published in under the new title, Legendgoing on to achieve considerable commercial success. However, the second something happens to a friend, he loses it. All our problems gememll as nothing to the sun. Most of his novels were in the heroic fantasy genre; White Knight, Black Swan was a crime thrillerappearing under the pseudonym Ross Harding, and was Gemmell’s only novel not to become a bestseller.