Explanation of the Higgs Boson. The Higgs boson is a subatomic particle predicted to exist by the Standard Model of La partícula de Dios. Request PDF on ResearchGate | EL HIGGS: LA PARTÍCULA DE DIOS | The discovery of the Higgs in the Large Multi-scalar-singlet extension of the standard model — The case for dark matter and an invisible Higgs boson.

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Alternatives to the Standard Model Higgs.

En busca de la “Partícula de Dios”

Back inphysicists Michael Turner and Frank Wilczek wrote in Nature that “without warning, a bubble of true vacuum could nucleate somewhere in the universe and move outwards The European Physical Journal C.

Retrieved 15 December In mainstream media the Higgs boson has often been called the “God particle”, from a book on the topic[10] although the nickname is strongly disliked by many physicists, including Higgs himself, who regard it as sensationalistic.

The behaviours and properties of the particle, so far as examined since Julyalso seemed quite close to the behaviours expected of a Higgs boson. The Tevatron was only able to exclude further ranges for the Higgs mass, and was shut down on 30 September because it no longer could keep up with the LHC.

If gauge invariance were to be retained, then these particles had to be acquiring their mass by some other mechanism or interaction. Manorothh 15 Abr ‘ It is also possible, although experimentally difficult, higgz estimate the mass of the Higgs boson indirectly.

California Institute of Technology: Lo encontre hace 2 dias en Microsiervos. El caso es que este tipo de Higgs casa bien con cuerdas.

Rumor: la partícula de Dios, ¿finalmente?. | Mediavida

Retrieved 10 July As general rule, the Higgs is more likely to decay into heavy fermions than light fermions, because the mass of a fermion is proportional to the strength of its interaction with the Higgs. When symmetry breaks under these conditions, the Goldstone bosons that arise interact with the Higgs field and with other particles capable of interacting with the Higgs field instead of becoming new massless particles.


Higgs boson quest could wrap up by midyear”. On 22 June CERN announced an upcoming seminar covering tentative findings for[] [] and shortly afterwards from around 1 July according to an analysis of the spreading rumour in social media [] rumours began to spread in the media that this would include a major announcement, but it was unclear whether this would be a stronger signal or a formal discovery.

La partícula de Dios

More collision data allows better confirmation of the physical properties of any new particle observed, and allows physicists to decide whether it is indeed a Higgs boson as bosoj by the Standard Particla or some other hypothetical new particle. It then became crucial to science, to know whether or not it was correct.

The world we know depends upon these particles and forces, so if this happened, everything around us, from subatomic particles to galaxiesand all fundamental forceswould be reconstituted into new fundamental particles and forces and structures.

Why scientists hate that you call it the ‘God particle ‘ “.

Retrieved 4 May The relationship if any between the Higgs field and the presently observed vacuum energy density of the universe has also parficula under scientific study. In terms usually reserved for athletic achievements, news reports described the finding as a monumental milestone in the history of science.

The Story of ‘The Higgs ‘ “. Data collection at the LHC finally commenced in March The mass of the Higgs boson itself is given by. NBC News’ Cosmic log. At first, these seminal papers on spontaneous breaking of gauge symmetries were largely ignored, because it was widely believed that the non-Abelian gauge theories in question were a dead-end, and in particular that they could not be renormalised. Instead the detectors register all the decay products higgss decay signature and from the data the decay process is reconstructed.


The three papers written in were each recognised as milestone papers during Physical Review Letters ‘s 50th anniversary celebration. Sarken 8 Abr ‘ Retrieved 10 December There are also issues of quantum trivialitywhich suggests that it may not be possible to create a consistent quantum field theory involving elementary scalar particles.

The buzz started when an anonymous commenter recently posted an abstract of the note on Columbia University mathematician Peter Woit’s blog, Not Even Wrong.

Wikinews has news related to:.

Therefore, it seems that none of the standard model fermions or bosons could “begin” with mass as an inbuilt property except by abandoning gauge invariance. Retrieved August 28, Modern Physics Letters A.

This also means it is the first elementary scalar particle discovered in nature. In yet other models, there is no Higgs field at higge and the electroweak symmetry is broken using extra dimensions. One known problem was that gauge invariant approaches, including non-abelian models such as Yang—Mills theorywhich held great promise for unified theories, also seemed to predict known massive particles as massless.