The Book of Lambspring [Nicholas Barnaud Delphinas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Thank you for checking out this book by. The Book Of Lambspring: A Noble Ancient Philosopher Concerning The Philosophical Stone [Arthur Edward Waite, Nicholas Bernaud Delphinas] on. Opening the Book of Lambspring Christopher Bradford. A Guide to the Underworld. Published in November, 66 pages.

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But this, too, happens for its good: One person found this helpful. On the right side of the shore, we’re shown a small town and shipyard. If we’re to count the previous seven images, we would get a clear picture of the wisdom each one attributed to the seven steps of the journey so far. God hearkens to his prayers, And bids the Father lie down and sleep.

The Masters shew you here clearly That in all places These two animals wander about in forests But know that the forest is but one. His hair is cut short as opposed to the initiate’s shoulder-length cut.


Thus you may know that the Tincture has truly attained the first degree. Cook the sulphur well with the sulphur, And hold your tongue about it: Saturnian spear in hand, he is stoking the fire.

For sake of an example, “Figure II” can be argued to point to making of the Regulus where a certain sulfide ore, symbolized by the scaly dragon, is subdued by iron, symbolized by the sword.

During our method of initiation, such experiences can turn away an initiate and also can potentially expose him to mental breakdowns and even to psychosis. The Guide addresses lzmbspring Son in these words: The Son hearkened to the words of the Guide, And ascended upward with him; Lajbspring saw he the heavenly throne, That was beyond measure glorious. What may be missed in this scene is that the true direction of initiation has taken route.


What this generally refers to is that with the help of initiatory experience, our intellect is now able to make deep connections. The Lab and the Oratory Alchemy has oftentimes been seen as a discipline primarily, if not exclusively, with descriptions of laboratory work.

There is now a glorified and beautiful Father, And he brings forth a new Son. Some of the locomotion of the sailboat ov indeed occur naturally by the current of the river.

Conceal your knowledge to your own advantage, And you shall be free from poverty. Figure IV This particular symbolism is probably the most recognized image in alchemy, although in slightly different fashion than here in the Book of Lambspring.

Book of Lambspring

That’s lsmbspring we hold initiation as a sacred undertaking, meant only for those students who are seriously committed. In this particular image, the initiate has risen from his bed and visually is now seen sitting on par with his Higher Self. It was experienced upon an unknown territory. They bite each other, and one is slain And devoured by the other. If there was a modern dialogue for this image, it would surely read: While the winged Guide is physically present making a hand gesture equivalent to the previous scene, “As above, so below”it also points to the king Higher Self swallowing the initiate.


In this way, by following our spiritual purpose, both the mundane and the spiritual achieves “a more glorious life”.

In this sense, as well as the antler’s visual prominence, it is not far reaching to say that the stag represents the Tree of Life. When the motif of “body and spirit” are introduced and the text emphasizes that “one devours the other”, it speaks labmspring of how the binary system is overcome.

For those familiar with Christian hagiographies, the dragon pierced on horseback by Saint George also comes to mind.

Please try again later. The Body has become white by the process, the Spirit red by our Art. The life of a true initiate isn’t always rational. Therefore be modest and secret, And you will be left in peace and security.

The Book of Lambspring, | Compendium Naturalis

I should add here also that a slightly different version exists of this image; one that has a chain drawn around the feet of the bird-in-flight. I will say no more on this significant detail pambspring than to encourage the reader if he or she wishes to do so to research this notion.

Its blood is the most precious Medicine upon earth, The same has not its like in the world. Another point to draw attention to is the depiction of other ships on the river of life extending upon a curvy path.