Manuals and User Guides for Asus Eee PC HE. We have 2 Asus Eee PC HE manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Hardware. Asus Eee PC H: User Guide. Eee PC H Laptop pdf manual download. Also for: Eee pc , Eee pc hd, Eee pc he, Eee pc , Eee pc ASUS Eee PC v. Safety Precautions. The following safety precautions will increase the life of the Eee PC. Follow all precautions and instructions. Except as .

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Table of Contents Chatper 1: Table of Contents Qualified Vendor List A-3 Declarations and Safety Statements A Limitation of Liability A Service and Support Important information that must be followed for safe operation. Vital information that must be followed to prevent damage to data, components, or persons. Tips for completing tasks. Information for special situations. Follow all precautions and instructions. Except as described in this manual, refer all servicing to qualified personnel.

Do not use damaged power cords, accessories, or other peripherals. Do not use strong solvents such as thinners, benzene, or other chemicals on or near the surface.

DO NOT throw the battery in municipal waste. The symbol of the crossed out wheeled bin indicates that the battery should not be placed in municipal waste.

Refer to the rating label on the bottom Transportation Precautions To prepare the Eee PC for transport, you should close the display panel to protect the keyboard and display panel. Be careful not to rub or scrape surfaces when transporting your Eee PC. You can 1000hd your Eee PC in a carrying case for protection from dirt, water, shock, and scratches.

You can send your Eee PC and diskettes through airport X-ray machines. However, it is recommended that ees do not send your Eee PC or diskettes through airport magnetic detectors or expose them to magnetic wands.

Read the following chapters for detailed information.

Asus Eee PC 1000H Hardware Manual

Install the battery pack 2. Never lift the Eee PC by the display panel!

The top side may vary in appearance depending on model. The keyboard differs for each territory. Resolution Key The Resolution key allows you to adjust display resolution.

Press this key repeatedly to switch resolution. User-defined Key This key is reserved for customized definition. The default definition is for Super Hybrid Engine function.


The default definition is for launching Skype. The bottom side may vary in appearance depending on model. The bottom of the Eee PC can get very hot. Be careful when handling the Eee PC while it is in operation or recently been in operation. The built-in stereo speaker system allows you to hear audio without additional attachments. The multimedia sound system features an integrated digital audio controller that produces rich, vibrant sound results improved with external stereo headphones or speakers.

Audio features are software controlled. To prevent damage to the Eee PC and battery pack, always use the supplied power adapter.

These security products usually include a metal cable and lock that prevent the Eee PC to be removed from a fixed object. AC power is not connected. This allows use when moving temporarily between locations. Battery time varies by usage and by the specifications for this Eee PC.

The battery pack cannot be disassembled and must be purchased as a single unit. If there is smoke, burning scent, or extreme heat coming from the AC-DC adapter, seek servicing. Seek servicing if you suspect a faulty AC-DC adapter. The battery pack consists of a set of battery cells housed together.

A fully charged pack will provide several hours of battery life. Additional battery packs are optional and can be purchased separately through an Eee PC retailer.

If there is any abnormal operation or damage to the battery pack caused by impact, turn OFF the Eee PC and contact an authorized service center. The power- saving Battery mode lowers down the CPU frequency and decreases the power consumption to maximize the battery life.

Adjusting the display resolution | Asus Eee PC HE User Manual | Page 43 / 86

Use a pin majual a straightened paper clip to press the reset button. The reset button are available on selected models. The selected item will change color. The following 2 illustrations produce the same results. Or, you can simply double-tap on the item and hold while dragging the item with your fingertip.

The following illustrations produce the same results. This is convenient when viewing photos or reading documents. Zoom in Two-finger scrolling p Use two fingertips to slide up or down on the touchpad to scroll a window Sun Up Icon F4: Increases the display brightness. Task Manager Icon F6: Initiates the Asua Manager to view the application process or terminates applications.


Crossed Speaker Icon F7: Speaker Down Icon F8: Speaker Up Icon F9: Increases the speaker volume.

Eee PC HE Manual | Laptops | ASUS Global

Crossed Screen Icon F7: Turns off the display backlight. Task Manager Icon F9: Crossed Speaker Icon F Volume Down Icon F Volume Up Icon F Follow the wizard instructions to finish the initiation. Toggle I agree with this license and click Next to continue. Select your keyboard type and click Next to continue. Enter your User Name. Click Next to continue. Enter your Password and enter again to confirm the password. Click the box before Log me in automatically when system starts up if you want to log in without entering your password.

Doing so will allow people to access your computer without permission. Or, click Instant Shutdown from the Settings tab and select Shutdown.

Or, press the power switch of the Eee PC directly. Select Shut Down from the dialog box. Select OK to proceed. GroupWise service and its logos are trademarks of Novell Inc.

MSN service and its logos are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. QQ service and its logos are trademarks of Tencent Inc. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: SAR Measurement 1g The worst case maximum authorized power indoors are: LAN card in more areas within France.

Please check with ART for the latest information www.

UL Safety Notices Required for UL covering telecommunications telephone equipment intended to be electrically connected to a telecommunication network that has an operating voltage to ground that does not exceed V peak, V peak-to-peak, and V rms, maual installed or used in accordance with the National Electrical Code NFPA This symbol of the crossed out wheeled bin indicates that the product electrical, electronic equipment, and mercury- containing button cell battery should not be placed in municipal waste.

Check local regulations for disposal of electronic products. Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. Rischio di esplosione della batteria se sostituita in modo errato. All future firmware updates will also be accompanied with their respective source code.