Nov 2, Revised for , the Stereophile Buyer’s Guide is now on newsstands. In its Submitted by n on November 2, – am. Dec 1, What makes one particular hi-fi component stand apart from all others in its class ? In this issue’s “The Entry Level,” I state that an outstanding. But remember: Deletion of a component from this list does not invalidate a buying decision you have made. Individual reviewers mentioned by their initials are.

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Equipment matching and improvements Submitted by mkrzych on July 17, – 5: Where the River Goes. That magazine operates on a different business model.

My brother is an architect and my colleague an electrical engineer. To order back issues cited in stereoophile article, callor visit www. We cannot guarantee that any of these prices will be the same by the time this issue of Stereophile appears in print.

Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2. The gain is high because each element equals the desired wavelength and becasue it is also a highly directional antenna. When made from ohm twin ribbon the same stuff used for T folded dipole antennas it will have twice sstereophile already high gain.


I take it it doesn’t come with a subscription. And regarding charging for it, my bottom-line policy is that the magazine’s content should be available free on-line. And with that in mind, it really should come as stereophild surprise that this strange new speaker is our Product of the Year for I wonder who went through the trouble of procuring all of those photos for RC online.

Buyer’s Guides

Michael Fremer to Appear in Indianapolis Friday. Where the River Goes. Submitted by Downforce on July 27, – 2: Shop Recordings Buyer’s Guides More. Life, Love, Songs, and Pianos. And for JA, the link you posted isn’t working.

Stereophile’s Products of |

Recording of June Create new account Request new password. In general, components do not remain listed for more than three years unless at least one of the magazine’s writers and editors has had continued experience with them.

Making your product recommendations available to the digital generation buuyers certainly help more people see your publication. Not having the budget to try an assortment of sometimes very expensive cables I’ve kept mine pretty modest. I know its not perfectly representative, but you probably have the best sample around. Kingko Audio and Omega.

  AR 930-4 PDF

Submitted by destroysall76 on August 13, – See JA’s notes on how the voting process works here.


Turntables, Tonearms, Cartridges, etc. I really can’t see why you chose it. He got up from his listening seat, walked over to one speaker, crouched low, gently caressed that lovely driver, and requested a pair of review samples.

Records To Die For.

Submitted by JadenKrosis on January 4, – 6: They haven’t reviewed it yet. Create new account Request new password. Recording of October